raebird ([personal profile] raebird) wrote2005-07-20 11:35 am
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Serenity PSA

The Serenity international trailer is online, and it is awesome. So awesome, and so much better than the first trailer. If you've already seen the movie, go watch it and feel the love. If you're a Firefly fan who hasn't seen the movie yet, be warned that it's a bit more spoilery than the original trailer. Some of it is the same footage from the first trailer, though, and it doesn't give away the ending or plot twists, exactly--just more of the beginning and middleparts, and some dialogue you may or may not prefer to see for the first time in the actual film. If you're not (yet) a Firefly fan and don't expect to be rewatching the trailer obsessively, then go see this! It's a great teaser for the movie.

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