ext_10455 ([identity profile] raebird.livejournal.com) wrote in [personal profile] raebird 2007-07-15 12:06 am (UTC)

JK Rowling has already debunked Neville/Luna as a possibility.

Hmm. Well, maybe Luna will just take a liking to Neville, then. I just feel like there's *something* there, mostly because there were the six of them in OotP and four of them are (as good as) neatly paired off.

I think it's likely that she'll make the Weasley death less devastating - maybe Charlie, since he's the least prevalent in the story - and then go for the throat by offing Neville.

Ouch. I could see that. But Neville would have to die in a moment of great heroism, I'd think. Not that Fred (or George, or Charlie) necessarily wouldn't, but Neville still hasn't had his one grand shining moment where he thoroughly defies his own low expectations yet. He's had a lot of little ones, but not a momentous great triumph. If he died right after that, it would hurt so much worse.

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