Dec. 3rd, 2005

An anonymous commenter over at [ profile] serenity_santa asked if [ profile] sunbrae and I would post wish lists so that people might do something for us in appreciation of our running the community. Which, hey, is nice, but I'm totally not doing this to receive gifts. I'm doing this because I have a nearly-obsessive love of giving gifts and of organizing, so coordinating a bunch other people giving gifts to each other is some amazing fannish crack to me, yum.

But then I start thinking, what do I want in the Fireflyverse? And it occurs to me that I'm filled with wants. I want more of this world. When I first watched the DVDs, nearly two years ago, I wanted more of this world, but at the time I sought it out by burrowing deeper into the DVDs, rewatching, recruiting new fans, screencapping the episodes, making icons, not thinking at all outside the span of those thirteen episodes if I could avoid it. The whole time I knew Serenity was in the works, I kind of ignored it. And then the reality of Serenity changed it all. I want more of this world, and I want more than is already on those four discs on constant rotation through my DVD player.

So I'm going to tell you about some of the things I want to see from that world, most of which have formed themselves into something resembling fic prompts. I don't have any serious expectation that people are going to write these for me, but if they do inspire something, I'd love to see it. Most of my ideas are quite spoilery for Serenity. And they are behind this cut. )



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