I've finished my most recent reread of Harry Potter books 4-6. And I have thoughts and predictions! So here they are. If you care to review, here are my previous thoughts and predictions after reading book 6 for the first time, and after rereading the whole series last year. In this post, my thoughts are arranged according to a few key questions I've been wondering about. I discuss some of my predictions for book 7 throughout. I've included a list of all my predictions at the end, arranged according to my level of confidence. Here goes.

Why doesn't Harry have any relatives other than the Dursleys? )

What exactly happened on the night that Lily and James died? )

What and where are the remaining Horcruxes? )

What is Snape's story? )

Divination )

Okay. Is it July 21 yet?
So, yesterday I finished rereading the whole Harry Potter series thus far. And I'm wholeheartedly standing by what I posted about HBP last year. And I also just had a small and very belated flash of insight about HBP. Spoilery, of course. )

One unrelated thing I noticed on this reread that just makes me love JKR a lot is the way she writes the relationships between people and their pets. It's mostly all little touches, but they strike me as kind of unique in the fact that they aren't really necessary but are there anyway. In the earlier books, most of the little entertaining bits of detail are either ultimately clues to the overarching plot of the book or are in some way world-building for the whole HP universe. In PoA, there are also lots of pet moments that turn out to be plot clues. But then in the later books, there are these little moments of pet business (Crookshanks batting at some magical trick, hopping up on someone's lap, etc.) that have nothing to do with the overarching plot. They're just little moments. I love that. There's probably never going to be any plot reason for the existence of Pygmy Puffs. They're just cute. I love that, too.

And, you know, Fawkes is going to be important again, right? Right.
An anonymous commenter over at [livejournal.com profile] serenity_santa asked if [livejournal.com profile] sunbrae and I would post wish lists so that people might do something for us in appreciation of our running the community. Which, hey, is nice, but I'm totally not doing this to receive gifts. I'm doing this because I have a nearly-obsessive love of giving gifts and of organizing, so coordinating a bunch other people giving gifts to each other is some amazing fannish crack to me, yum.

But then I start thinking, what do I want in the Fireflyverse? And it occurs to me that I'm filled with wants. I want more of this world. When I first watched the DVDs, nearly two years ago, I wanted more of this world, but at the time I sought it out by burrowing deeper into the DVDs, rewatching, recruiting new fans, screencapping the episodes, making icons, not thinking at all outside the span of those thirteen episodes if I could avoid it. The whole time I knew Serenity was in the works, I kind of ignored it. And then the reality of Serenity changed it all. I want more of this world, and I want more than is already on those four discs on constant rotation through my DVD player.

So I'm going to tell you about some of the things I want to see from that world, most of which have formed themselves into something resembling fic prompts. I don't have any serious expectation that people are going to write these for me, but if they do inspire something, I'd love to see it. Most of my ideas are quite spoilery for Serenity. And they are behind this cut. )
The Serenity international trailer is online, and it is awesome. So awesome, and so much better than the first trailer. If you've already seen the movie, go watch it and feel the love. If you're a Firefly fan who hasn't seen the movie yet, be warned that it's a bit more spoilery than the original trailer. Some of it is the same footage from the first trailer, though, and it doesn't give away the ending or plot twists, exactly--just more of the beginning and middleparts, and some dialogue you may or may not prefer to see for the first time in the actual film. If you're not (yet) a Firefly fan and don't expect to be rewatching the trailer obsessively, then go see this! It's a great teaser for the movie.



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